Highscore Season 3

May 18, 2014

Hey there, hunters!

After being on highscore season two for a very long time, we've now taken the step to season 3. You can now climb a fresh ladder anew!

This also brings a new leveling experience – it will no longer take as long to rank up and unlock all weapons.

The new experience curve looks like this:

As you can see, it is way flatter to get you up to speed more quickly. The experience roof has been lowered to 250,000 from 500,000 as well.

Some less scrupulous hunters have been weeded out – a large number of accounts found guilty of cheating has been banned. Now, I cannot possibly abate every kind of hack out there, but if you wish to cheat, please do it in an unranked server. This is a one-man operation and my resources are not limitless.

As always, happy hunting!

Master Server Migration

October 12, 2010

The SH master will move over to a new and much more powerful host in the next few days, and as such the DNS will be updated to point to a new IP. This might cause some downtime for all of you as the master server needs to be temporarily taken down in order to replicate all the databases, and some additional downtime as DNS changes might take a while to propagate all around. The actual switch could take approximately a day, in an absolutely worst case scenario.

I apologize yet again for the lack of updates, too – over in ye olde real life, I’m about to enter crunch mode for a school project we’re doing, and after that I am moving to a new apartment. There simply hasn't been a lot of time for me to work on Seal Hunter, and to reiterate, I am very sorry for that. I definitely intend to push out the new updated master server code to provide such things as buddy lists and a chat function, but at this rate, it might take me a while. Two hours per day worth of free time just isn't quite enough, sadly.

I will keep you updated on the host switch as soon as I begin moving things over.

Second Testers Batch Accepted

November 29, 2009
Announcements, Beta

If you’ve applied to be a beta tester, no matter how recently or how long ago, go check your e-mail (remember the spam folder!) – or even better, visit the forums and see if you have access to a shiny new section.

Should you not have been accepted this time either, please accept my humblest apologies. I can’t accept all testers, since they’re almost all too many already!

And beta wise, things are progressing nicely, but y’know, that school thing. Busy. Yeah. I’ll see if I can give you non-beta people some goodies soon, though.

Happy hunting ’til next time!

Beta Begins!

November 7, 2009
Announcements, Beta

First of all – a big thank you to all people who applied for the beta. Whew, there was a hundred of you – far exceeding my expectations!

The beta phase has now started, with a little over 40 testers being appointed for the time being. “Bugs coming at us like in Starship Troopers”, to quote a certain song.

With this in mind, I’d like to apologize to those people not brought in for the beta – I know it must be a real downer for you guys. I simply could not have taken all of you, though, as much as I had wanted to. I might still take in a few extra testers in a second batch, though, so all hope is not lost just yet!

If it’s of any consolation, though, here’s the Seal Hunter intro movie – even though that’ll probably act as even more of a teaser. (Watch it on YouTube for higher resolutiony goodness!)

Beta Signups now open!

October 31, 2009

I’ve now reached the point where testing on a larger scale is about to become necessary, and while the game isn’t quite beta ready just yet, I’m mere inches away.

Thus – let’s get this going.

In order to sign up, visit and fill in your application. Note that you will need a forum account – which you hopefully already should have.

More information and a deadline beyond which I won’t consider applications any longer will follow in due time. School is still keeping me all too busy, guys, and sorry about that!