Seal Hunter 1.0.1 released!

August 5, 2010

This is mainly a bugfix and balance release after some of the more horrible bugs discovered in 1.0. :)

The new release can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Introducing Seasons

This release introduces the concept of “Seasons” in regards to the highscore lists. Due to a few very much game-breaking bugs in v1.0, all current highscores have been archived as Season 1, and all highscores rankings are started anew. This is in order to keep the game fair for everybody regardless of which version they started out in, and also to keep the competitive aspect of the ladders fresh.

The end of a Season will hopefully be announced ahead of time in the future if it is mid-version, but all new versions that contain major changes to the way score is calculated or the gameplay itself will result in the start of a new Season.

General Changes

  • Added classic TSH hud as an option
  • Added option to use the player color for sniper lines
  • Fixed turtles getting stuck in their shells after a player has left the game
  • Scoreboard will now immediately disappear as soon as the scoreboard key is released
  • Fixed shotgun shell being ejected too soon
  • Switch weapon key now behaves the same way as in TSH; hitting it during cooldown will switch the weapon as soon as it is able to
  • “First Blood” sound effect removed
  • Chat and HUD text are now in bold for increased readability
  • Ready countdown timer will now begin from 3 if the game being hosted is singleplayer
  • Fixed enemies walking outside the map boundaries with 4 players
  • List of servers now sorts itself by ping
  • Fixed game being passworded indefinitely after restarting if passworded once
  • Fixed loadout not saving when exiting menu with ESC
  • Fixed a land mine exploit
  • Fixed a bug causing certain aspects of the game score to stack between rounds
  • Windows taskbar icon will now flash when a player joins the host’s game
  • Fixed Punt Gun shell particle
  • Number key weapon selection redone: 1-5 now correspond to the loadout weapon order, tilde (the key to the left of 1) will select the basic pistol

Gameplay Balance

  • Rebalanced the Carl Gustav – it should now prove more viable in later levels (Price dropped from $9500 to $9000, splash decreased, overall damage increased)
  • Fixed victim spawn rates during the level 4 boss not increasing properly (this makes level 4 harder)
  • Made the level 2 boss spawn delay a bit longer
  • Grenade minimum speed has been increased slightly
  • Reload progress is now reset when switching weapon mid-reload
  • Explosion radii penalty for 3 and 4 players has been reduced
  • Increased the damage of the AWP and Shotgun against white seals
  • Increased the damage of the Mac-10 against the level 4 boss
  • Rebalanced the Land Mine (Old: $750, 750 damage, 1 mine/purchase, 3 second arm time, $15 combo bonus. New: $750, 220 damage, 3 mines/purchase, 2 second arm time, $20 combo bonus.)
  • Fixed level 5 boss not devouring players in certain cases

Master Server

  • Fixed server going unresponsive if a player leaves the game
  • Fixed Big Spender achievement
  • Fixed incorrect indication of players online