October 15, 2009

Good news, everyone – the walrus is now pretty much all done!

What is the walrus capable of, you might ask?

  • Encouraging me to rewrite large portions of the game.
  • Devouring me alive (Either he’s way too hard right now, or I’m simply a sucky player).
  • Forcing me to implement proper interpolation.
  • Moonwalking.

With all that in mind, there’s still a few kinks left to work out. For example, you can’t finish the game yet. I think this is a kinda crucial feature. There’s a bit of menu work left to do as well – mostly on that darned SHHQ page which will basically contain some basic account information as well as a link to the stats website. I hate menu coding.

Shouldn’t be too far away, now, despite all the massive delays. Sorry ’bout them, people.