Todo List

September 7, 2009

Yeah, I know, I’ve been lazy come updating lately. Anyway! What has happened since last time?

  • I’ve finished the game intro cinematic. Yes, there’s a whopping 60 second long intro cinematic, and it’s fairly awesome.
  • I’ve rewritten the music player. I ran into some issues with AllegroOGG, so I’ve now switched over to irrKlang for music playback.
  • I’ve attempted updating my network library to the latest version twice, and horribly failed in doing so because of some teething issues with a major new update to RakNet.
  • I’ve added the Punt Gun. About time!
  • I’ve worked on the statistics website and finished the experience system. Leveling up is awesome.
  • I’ve made the master server send Rank/Unlock/Title data to the client upon logging in. While this sounds fairly innocent, I imagine it’ll make beta testing a lot easier come certain aspects, and it’ll allow for dynamic content updates, albeit in a very limited fashion.
  • I’ve started school again. PlaygroundSquad is awesome, but it reduces my free time during the weeks to a whole 3 hours. Thus lack of motivation.

With all that behind, what’s left?

  • The fucking walrus. Yeah, I still haven’t added this bad boy yet, but I’m in progress of doing so at the moment.
  • Miscellaneous account statistics in the main menu. I love menu coding. So much. This would be stuff like a killcount. I’ll probably just end up tucking on a link to the statistics site though, because I really do prefer presenting data in HTML.

And that’s about it for now; until next time!

… And before you ask for a release date, I still don’t know. When it’s done.