Statistical Laziness

May 29, 2009

Not much has been going on lately – high school finals and graduation and whatnot has stolen most of my time away and after about two years worth on working on this codebase I reached the point earlier this month when I felt way to fed up with it working with it. Not to worry though, I still fully intend to try and get a beta going during this summer, but it’s sadly looking more and more unlikely that it’ll be out before July as time goes on.

A big coding bottleneck that’s currently bringing my motivation down is the addition of unlockable ranks and statistics tracking – which gives me a reason to smoothly transition on to the second purpose of this post. What kind of statistics would you like to see tracked? I’ve all the obvious ones planned in, such as the most popular weapons (down to seeing exactly when and where a weapon is purchased the most), top scoring matches, match details, and quite a bit more.

Designing a database to hold all this isn’t the easiest task there is, and even though refactoring it will probably be inevitable at one point or another I’d like to ask you readers for any especially obscure statistics you’d like to see tracked so that they can be implemented on the database level straight away. Can be pretty much anything, so hit me with your ideas and I’ll see if they’re worth to consider for implementation. You can of course just post ’em in the comments of this blog post, but remember that the forums are still lurking about, just waiting for your nimble fingers to type out topics in. Looking forward to ’em.