April 28, 2009

There hasn’t been anything exciting enough done lately to warrant a blog post, but I suppose showing some sort of life signs is a good thing. For a bit more personal stuff, my high school graduation is drawing closer, which means an excessive amount of school work – which includes a project report with full documentation on Seal Hunter. Yay! Boring as all hell.

Apart from being my graduation project, Seal Hunter is also going to be my work sample submission for a fancy Swedish games programming school; this means that the any progress made lately has gone into the possibility for the game to actually end – in other words, with the player losing. Yep, that’s right, this wasn’t implemented up until a few days ago. Procrastination is fun!

There’s also a bunch of very very boring network code to couple up with that, so I don’t feel overly motivated at the moment with the increasing workload of school also directly contribution towards that. Sorry for not being more detailed, and I’ll try to whip up something in order to show you soon enough!