Area Denial

April 18, 2009
Development, Weapons

Despite not being entirely finished up, I’d like to present two of the new weapons that are planned for Seal Hunter. Again, please do note that Seal Hunter is not finished by far and everything is still very prototype-y. What I’ll be showcasing in this post might be changed or removed entirely in the future, so please be considerate. ;-)


Anyhow, I’ll try to keep this short’n’sweet! Above, you can see the frag mines in action and this particular flavour being the proximity mine which explodes whenever a creature comes in contact with it. After planting the mine, there is a grace period before the mine will activate (this is to maintain a healthy game balance, as you might guess) and react to enemy contact.

There is also currently a second variant of the mine above currently dubbed “timed mines”; this will explode after a set time no matter what. This means that it can be used to more effectively cause splash damage to enemies without requiring a direct contact, but if mistimed you might end up doing no damage at all.

All of this is still very experimental, and further balancing coupled with the exact details on how the mines will operate will be worked out when the game is nearing completion – more importantly, while I might be able to balance it somewhat decently in singleplayer, Seal Hunter is meant to support up to four players.

Remember that you can further discuss this in a more educated fashion over at the Seal Hunter Forums. Until next time!

And a special thanks to Baneriukas for making the weapon sprites. Whoop whoop!