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Release Post-Mortem

Posted by Toumaz on July 31, 2010
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Everything went better than expected, one might say.

The only real issues that popped up were an immediate one, which was due to me being a total klutz and having forgotten to clear out a few tables, which caused the master server to disconnect any and every player after they had finished a game. There’s also currently an issue related to players leaving games, which will be fixed shortly, as well as a few minor client bugs (available loadout won’t refresh, unable to ready up) that might take a little while longer to fix until I can push a fixed version.

By popular request, I’ve added a list of achievements and ranks to Have fun trying to get some of them – I can be rather mean, at times!

All in all, I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of players (or rather, by the amount of time you guys have poured into this already) with more than 1,200 matches finished in less than a day, and I’m very happy to see that people seem to be enjoying the game!

‘Til next time, and happy hunting! (108,106 seals and counting.)

Seal Hunter 1.0 released!

Posted by Toumaz on July 30, 2010
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It’s been a long and awfully bumpy ride, with procrastination shining through the whole time, but it will hopefully all have been worth it.

Seal Hunter v1.0 has been released!

I won’t keep you held up for too long: Go grab it now, and kill some seals!

If you like it, though, spread the word. Hell, if you’re feeling crazy, you can even donate to help keep hosting costs down if you like it enough. Be sure to check out the forums and your awesome statistics, too.

Enjoy, and make the fishing industry proud!

Almost There!

Posted by Toumaz on July 22, 2010
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Okay, so. I suck at updating this here thing, I think that has been made perfectly clear over the course of this time.

Anyway! The Release Candidate was just released privately. What does this mean? This means that the release is creeping very, very close. If you want a more precise indication, unless there’s any really horrible bugs that somehow pop up from absolutely nowhere, expect Seal Hunter to be released within the next week. I’m sorry I’ve been so bloody slow in developing this, but life in general has kept me awfully busy – and it is well known that all programmers are lazy.

So there you have it – expect some multiplayer seal hunting goodness to hit the ‘net in a week’s time or so. And on a final unrelated note, we totally won the Gamer’s Choice award with Eggnappers at SGA2010 as well! Thanks a lot to everybody who voted for us.

See you online very soon!