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Posted by Toumaz on September 13, 2009
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Yeah, I couldn’t resist.

There’s now a Twitter feed for Seal Hunter over in the sidebar, which I will hopefully utilize to bring you more frequent – and also more brief – updates. At least being forced to stay beneath a certain message length will aid that sentiment.

On a different note, I’ve just finished a very painful albeit necessary switch to a new font rendering library (Glyph Keeper, for those inclined). I’ve yet to polish up the implementation of the new music library though, so buh. Should take me an hour or two to fix up, at some point.

‘Til next time. Or ’til next Tweet. Either!

Todo List

Posted by Toumaz on September 07, 2009
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Yeah, I know, I’ve been lazy come updating lately. Anyway! What has happened since last time?

  • I’ve finished the game intro cinematic. Yes, there’s a whopping 60 second long intro cinematic, and it’s fairly awesome.
  • I’ve rewritten the music player. I ran into some issues with AllegroOGG, so I’ve now switched over to irrKlang for music playback.
  • I’ve attempted updating my network library to the latest version twice, and horribly failed in doing so because of some teething issues with a major new update to RakNet.
  • I’ve added the Punt Gun. About time!
  • I’ve worked on the statistics website and finished the experience system. Leveling up is awesome.
  • I’ve made the master server send Rank/Unlock/Title data to the client upon logging in. While this sounds fairly innocent, I imagine it’ll make beta testing a lot easier come certain aspects, and it’ll allow for dynamic content updates, albeit in a very limited fashion.
  • I’ve started school again. PlaygroundSquad is awesome, but it reduces my free time during the weeks to a whole 3 hours. Thus lack of motivation.

With all that behind, what’s left?

  • The fucking walrus. Yeah, I still haven’t added this bad boy yet, but I’m in progress of doing so at the moment.
  • Miscellaneous account statistics in the main menu. I love menu coding. So much. This would be stuff like a killcount. I’ll probably just end up tucking on a link to the statistics site though, because I really do prefer presenting data in HTML.

And that’s about it for now; until next time!

… And before you ask for a release date, I still don’t know. When it’s done.