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Posted by Toumaz on April 28, 2009
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There hasn’t been anything exciting enough done lately to warrant a blog post, but I suppose showing some sort of life signs is a good thing. For a bit more personal stuff, my high school graduation is drawing closer, which means an excessive amount of school work – which includes a project report with full documentation on Seal Hunter. Yay! Boring as all hell.

Apart from being my graduation project, Seal Hunter is also going to be my work sample submission for a fancy Swedish games programming school; this means that the any progress made lately has gone into the possibility for the game to actually end – in other words, with the player losing. Yep, that’s right, this wasn’t implemented up until a few days ago. Procrastination is fun!

There’s also a bunch of very very boring network code to couple up with that, so I don’t feel overly motivated at the moment with the increasing workload of school also directly contribution towards that. Sorry for not being more detailed, and I’ll try to whip up something in order to show you soon enough!

Area Denial

Posted by Toumaz on April 18, 2009
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MinesDespite not being entirely finished up, I’d like to present two of the new weapons that are planned for Seal Hunter. Again, please do note that Seal Hunter is not finished by far and everything is still very prototype-y. What I’ll be showcasing in this post might be changed or removed entirely in the future, so please be considerate. ;-)

Anyhow, I’ll try to keep this short’n’sweet! To the right hand side, you can see the frag mines in action and this particular flavour being the proximity mine which explodes whenever a creature comes in contact with it. After planting the mine, there is a grace period before the mine will activate (this is to maintain a healthy game balance, as you might guess) and react to enemy contact.
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Forums are now live!

Posted by Toumaz on April 15, 2009
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For those who wish to partake in slightly more accessible discussions than those held in this blog’s comemnt section, the Seal Hunter Forums are now open. I encourage you to register there and kick things off!

(This especially goes for those who aspire to become beta testers. Proving yourself active is good!)

Join us today!

Have a plan to kill everything you meet

Posted by Toumaz on April 10, 2009
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It’s been a while, so here’s a quick update on what little is being done (emphasis on little).

ScoreboardRight now there’s quite a bit of lobby <-> game communication that needs to be written, and I find this extremely boring. To put this in an easier fashion, I’m making the game servers record and submit game results to the account server – and progress with this is very slow. On a positive note though, clients that are connecting to a game sends their account identity which is then checked against the account server by the game host. Look at the screenshot to the right for further reference – you’re able to see the account #ID and account name of others in your game via the scoreboard. You can still choose any nickname you wish!
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