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Making multiplayer work

Posted by Toumaz on February 25, 2009
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Fluffy thingsAt first, implementing a multiplayer system beyond the network code itself seemed a rather trivial task – I had been given a game concept already proved to work quite well. But the further this project progressed, the more complex did the actual implementation of multiplayer turn out to be, and I’d like to mention a few of the difficulties that I faced (and still am facing) related to this.
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The First Prototype

Posted by Toumaz on February 19, 2009
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Thanks to a prolonged exposure of The Seal Hunter and a three month Internet outage, I finally got bored enough to actually open up Dev-C++ (a (very bad) C++ IDE, for those who don’t know already) to see if I actually would manage to make anything more graphical than a console application that asked the user for their age. As it were, the only library I had available to me was one called Allegro – so I made the only logical decision to create a simple pong clone. I’m glad you aren’t able to see the code in that one; it’s downright terrible. But then again, so is Seal Hunter’s. ;)
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In the Beginning

Posted by Toumaz on February 16, 2009
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The original Seal Hunter

The original Seal Hunter.

I figured giving a quick account of how this project came to be would be in order.

It all started one rather snowy day in the year of 2007. After having just finished a four hour web design class, a senior student walked into the room to showcase his latest findings in the field of gaming excellence: a rather compact game named The Seal Hunter, where the player entered the thick threads of a Norwegian fisherman seeking revenge on the seal creatures stealing his catch. With guns. Big guns. And blood! Tons of it.
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We are live!

Posted by Toumaz on February 14, 2009
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Kind of, at least.

Welcome to the development and news blog for a game currently in development, and also currently titled “Seal Hunter”. Don’t fret, however; it’s not a complete rip of The Seal Hunter, but instead a remake of the original concept with a number of changes and new features to it. Currently, Seal Hunter has been under development since February 2008 and has come a fair way since the start, and has moved from being a simple hobby of mine to becoming my final project for high school.

Anyhow, I digress. Hopefully there will be more content soon, with semi-regular updates on how the game development is coming along – at least as long as Real Life ™ allows me enough time to do so.

See you again soon!