Highscore Season 3

May 18, 2014
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Hey there, hunters!

After being on highscore season two for a very long time, we’ve now taken the step to season 3. You can now climb a fresh ladder anew!

This also brings a new leveling experience – it will no longer take as long to rank up and unlock all weapons.

The new experience curve looks like this:


As you can see, it is way flatter to get you up to speed more quickly. The experience roof has been lowered to 250,000 from 500,000 as well.

Some less scrupulous hunters have been weeded out – a large number of accounts found guilty of cheating has been banned. Now, I cannot possibly abate every kind of hack out there, but if you wish to cheat, please do it in an unranked server. This is a one-man operation and my resources are not limitless.

As always, happy hunting!

Server Updates

January 12, 2014
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And thus, we return to your regularly scheduled blog posts, about three years after the last one. Yep, still alive!

The Seal Hunter Stats site has been moved to a new host – it should be much snappier, and it has received a few facelifts in the process. You should totally check it out.

At the same time, the master server has also been moved to a new host. This should speed things up and improve reliability in general for those in the Europe/Asia region.

I hope to have more news to share with you shortly. Until then, keep hunting those seals!

Master Server Migration

October 12, 2010
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The SH master will move over to a new and much more powerful host in the next few days, and as such the DNS will be updated to point to a new IP. This might cause some downtime for all of you as the master server needs to be temporarily taken down in order to replicate all the databases, and some additional downtime as DNS changes might take a while to propagate all around.

I apologize yet again for the lack of updates, too – over in ye olde real life, I’m about to enter crunch mode for a school project we’re doing, and after that I am moving to a new apartment. There simply hasn’t been a lot of time for me to work on Seal Hunter, and to reiterate, I am very sorry for that. I definitely intend to push out the new updated master server code to provide such things as buddy lists and a chat function, but at this rate, it might take me a while. Two hours per day worth of free time just isn’t quite enough, sadly.

I will keep you updated on the host switch whenever things are about to go down.

Master Server Updates

August 29, 2010
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The Master Server has been updated for performance reasons – you should hopefully experience “Unable to contact master server” related errors a lot less as a result. I was doing some very, very bad things in the piece of code that ran every time the game client looked up its stats. (Horribly bad. I won’t mention the specifics to any other living being: it was just that embarrassing.)

Ranking updates for all players are also temporarily disabled – this will be re-enabled with the release of the rewritten master server, which will take me some time to finish – but I hope that you guys will also prefer being able to play over getting disconnected every other game. Use the statistics website to look up the top 100, and I’m very sorry for any inconvenience caused by the recent server problems.

If anything weird starts happening as a result of this update, please let me now – it would primarily be related to things saying “unauthorized account” upon joining a game.

Have fun!

Rewriting the Master Server

August 13, 2010
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As some of you might have noticed, the SH master server hasn’t been quite as snappy as one would like it to be lately. The reason for this is actually a rather pleasant one – during peak times, there’s a ridiculous amount of connections done per second to it! The downside is, of course, that my network library seems to choke on handling all the connection requests at once. This is bad – and it is also the likely cause of all those “master server unresponsive” messages some of you have been experiencing.

Since that is the case, I will be rewriting the master server communication code entirely in favour of using persistent connections instead of connection on-demand. This might take a while – a week or two, at worst, with lovely 13 hour school days coming back up – but it’ll lay the foundation for several exciting new features that can be added in the future. (To name a few: friend notifications and messaging, possible NAT punchthrough, and dedicated servers!)

So all in all, while this might take a while, please bear with me. It’ll increase the overall stability of the master server as well as open up for future development.

And boy, more than one thousand registered players, with almost 24,000 matches played, in which four and a half million enemies have been killed? I’m thoroughly impressed!